Set up your next fundraiser with us. We’ll donate a portion of what’s earned  to your cause!

How it works: 

1. Complete the Fundraising request form below or meet with our Coordinator to set a date and time. (Generally Monday to Thursday 5 to 8pm, excluding holidays or vacations). Once your online request is submitted we will contact you to confirm all details.

2. Promote your event – We’ll provide you with a flyer to print, pass out and email to family, friends and the community. Generate as much buzz as possible; the more people who come, the more your organization benefits!

3. Enjoy your fundraiser. Have 20 or more families or parties of two bring in flyers and we will donate 20% of all sales, in-house and carryout during the designated hours, back to your organization. We make a 10% donation if 10 flyers are returned, and 15% donation if 15 flyers are brought in during the fundraiser.

4. We will mail our donation 7 to 10 days after the event.

Why Crazy Crepe Cafe? 

  • – Breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, Crazy Crepe offers a great alternative dining experience.
  • – We hold fundraising nights for clubs, sports teams, PTA’s, nonprofit groups and charities.
  • – While many other restaurants will only donate about 10 – 15% and only off of the people you bring in, we donate up to 20% of ALL net sales during your fundraiser. We can do this because we are not a franchise but a locally run business intent on giving back to the community we serve.
  • – A quick and easy way to enjoy a tasty meal with friends and family, all while raising money for great causes.


Convinced? Fill out our Fundraising Request Form!