This is the proper way to spend a weekend morning. 

The best kind of mornings include great coffee and delicious food and Crazy Crepe Cafe has both!   Come down this weekend (9am-1pm) and enjoy an All You Can Eat Brunch Buffet at our Ronkonkoma Location!  721 Hawkins Ave, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 P.S. Did you know our coffee is so special that you can’t

When Pumpkin everything is acceptable.

That time of year again. When it is TOTALLY socially acceptable to obsess over all things pumpkin. Remember when there was just pumpkin pie. Yup. Now it is literalllly everything that can be pumpkin-fied will be pumpkin-fied!!!  Turning into a pumpkin is no longer a bad thing 😱 We turned our crepes into pumpkins btw. Not